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Your information is used to provide you with your personalized quote comparisons and is shared with only one of our licensed and designated insurance experts.  Our specialists represent most all the leading long-term care insurance companies.  We recommend you speak with them to answer a few questions to tailor your quotes and see what, if any discounts you are  eligible to receive.  You are under no obligation to do so, but it will assist with providing you the most accurate quotes as possible.
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Long-term care insurance is complex.  There are four main variables that dictate pricing; your health history, age, gender and the benefits you choose.  Our  licensed and designated insurance specialists are here to assist you.  By sending in the request, you agree to receive your quote via the contact information you submit.  We ask for your phone number and email to complete your request.  Your information is never sold.  Please visit our privacy policy for more information.
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We Are Licensed and Insurance Designated Experts
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